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The church in Damsholte on the Danish island of Moen was built in 1743. It is the only Danish village church from the rococo period. Seen from outside, Damsholte Kirke is elegant and light, but when you get inside the church, you are experiencing a different pietistical atmosphere. Inside everything seems monumental and darker - build in wooden materials and painted gray. The architecture, though, reminds you of the European theatre room of its time with, for instance, a high gallery.

The lovely churchyard has a special burial mound for the Tutein family who once were the owners of the Marienborg estate close by. You can view Marienborg from the churchyard looking west. Looking north you see the pond which probably gave the village its name (Dam = pond, holte = wood).

The church is normally open on weekdays, or you can attend the service (often Sundays at 10.30 am). You are most welcome.